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    Bench Rest Rim-Fire Silhouette Shoot entry fee. $10 for Members, $15 for non-members.


    This event is held the 2nd Saturday April-September

    Sight in is from 8am-9:30 am after a quick safety and explanatory meeting the match will begin at 9:45am


     Necessary Equipment:

    .22 rifle with scope and at least 50 rounds of ammunition, eye and ear protection.
    Targets and distances as follows:


    Bench 1- 5 chickens at 75 yards p> Bench 2- 5 pigs at 100 yards

    Bench 3- 5 turkeys at 125 yards

    Bench 4-Bench 4- 5 rams at 150 yards


    After all shooters are sighted in and signed up in relays of 4 shooters the match will be go like this.


    Each shooter will start at their assigned bench and upon a fire command will shoot their 5 assigned targets. After all shooters have fired their 5 shots they will move to the next bench and will proceed this way until each has fired 5 rounds at each of the 4 banks of targets. At this point they will exit and the next relay will repeat. Once all shooters have completed the course, the targets will be changed to the ½ size silhouettes, and shooters will repeat the course.  

    Prize money will be split between the 3 top shooters scores. Afterwards if time and want exists we will set up the 200 yard, gong and shoot closest to center matches for $1 per shot winner takes the pot.


    Normally we are done and rolled up by 1pm.